Rent Conditions








On the one hand, "MORAIRA PROPERTY MANAGEMENT, S.L.", from now on PROMANA, whose other identifying data are contained in the Legal Notice and owner of the domain, from now on Website, and on the other hand, the User, who contracts the services offered through the Website. PROMANA and the User may be designated as the party or parties, depending on the context.



The present general reservation conditions, from now on GRC, govern the reservation contracts between PROMANA and the User, regardless of the channel in which it has been carried out: Website, e-mail or telephone call.

The User, who declares that he has sufficient legal capacity to contract, will be linked to these GRC at the moment that he makes a reservation in any of the channels indicated above.

The GRC may be unilaterally modified by PROMANA without previous notice, however, the User will be bound to those in force at the time of making the reservation.

The possible particular conditions that may be applicable, or the modification of the present GRC, must be formalized by means of a separate document, which, in order to be effective, must be signed by both parties.



Reservations can be made, as indicated above, through three channels: Website, e-mail or telephone call. The advance payment to make the reservation contract is, generally, 50% of the final price of the accommodation, however, if this percentage varies, the User will be previously informed through the Website or by e-mail, depending on the chosen contracting channel.

The first payment must be made up to five working days after the reservation has been made, at which time the pre-contractual agreement will be understood to have been perfected.

In those bookings where the date of arrival is less than 10 working days, it will be the User's obligation to make payment within the next 24 hours from receipt of the contract.

The remaining amount of 50% or the corresponding amount must be paid at the reception on the day of arrival, in cash or by bank card.

The obligatory final cleaning and the deposit must be paid at the reception on the day of arrival in cash and at the moment of handing over the keys. Once this payment has been verified, the contract will be signed (only if payment has not already been made through the Website).

The parties will not be bound until the contract has been concluded at both the pre-contractual and contractual stages.


The User has the following methods of payment:


- Bank transfer to the following account:



IBAN: ES37 0081 1575 9200 0140 8949



Av. Madrid, 8, 03724 Moraira, Alicante (Spain).


- Online through the Website payment gateway.



The prices of the accommodation are indicated, depending on the case, per month, per week or per day. PROMANA is not responsible for any possible errors in the published prices, in which case, the User will be adequately informed of this circumstance, and may choose between contracting the service for the correct amount or canceling the aforementioned services without any cost or penalty.

PROMANA reserves the right to modify the price list published on the Website when it considers it appropriate. In any case, the above will not be applicable to those services contracted prior to the modification.

The prices published for accommodation vary according to the day, week or month contracted.

In the event that the User is a legal entity, the corresponding taxes and retentions will be applied.



5.1.- Obligations of PROMANA:

To provide the services in accordance with the GRC and without breaching good faith in the contract.

To make available to the User the GRC and the particular conditions that, if applicable, are applicable.

To send the User proof or invoice for the services contracted.

5.2.- User's obligations:

To carry out full compliance with the provisions of the GRC and, where applicable, the particular conditions that apply.

To complete the registration forms with truthful and current information. The User will be solely responsible for the veracity and updating of the information.

Maintain the confidentiality of the information provided and immediately notify the loss, misplacement, theft, illegitimate access, as well as its knowledge by third parties.

Respect the rules of the community of owners to which the property may belong.

Respect the number of occupants established in the reservation.

Leave the property in the same state of conservation and cleanliness as it was at the time of entry.

Act in a diligent manner, always complying with the canons of good use and good faith throughout the life of the contract.




In case of cancellation, modification or absenteeism, the following penalties will apply:

- 60 days before the date of entry: 0% of the amount of the reservation.

- 30 days before the date of entry: 50% of the amount of the reservation.

The amount of the penalty will be used to cover the expenses incurred and damages suffered, as well as for the loss of profits.

No difference will be paid in favour of the User if he/she decides to withdraw from the accommodation before the end of the contracted stay.

In the event that, for unforeseen reasons not attributable to PROMANA, the contracted accommodation cannot be made available, PROMANA will pay the full amount of the previously paid fees. The User will not have the right to accommodation of the same or superior characteristics. The User will not be able to claim any compensation in this respect.



PROMANA may require payment of a deposit. The payment of this must be verified at the time of booking online or at the reception on the day of arrival. The User may know the amount of the deposit before formalizing the reservation.

The deposit will be returned on the day of the end of the stay. However, the deposit will be subject to possible compensation for losses and/or damages to the rented property attributable to the User and other occupants of the accommodation.

If the damage and/or losses in what has been rented are greater than the amount of the deposit, the User will be obliged to pay the corresponding difference before leaving the accommodation.

User must immediately notify PROMANA of any loss and/or damage to the rented accommodation.



The time of entry into the accommodation will be from 16:00 hours and the time of departure before 10:00 hours.

The User must leave the accommodation in the same state in which he/she found it, otherwise it will entail an additional cost for the User. Both PROMANA and the accommodation provider have the right to verify the fulfilment of this obligation.

User must remove the waste generated during his stay in the accommodation and, if used, clean the barbecue, otherwise and respectively, an amount of 25 € and 30 € will be deducted from the deposit.



9.1.- Cleaning costs.

On the Website and before contracting, the User may know whether or not cleaning costs are included, and if so, the amount of these. The amount for the cleaning costs will be paid in cash on the day of arrival.

9.2.- Bed linen and towels

The User may check on the Website, before contracting, whether the bed linen and towels are included in the rental price.

9.3.- Pets.

As a general rule, pets are not allowed, unless otherwise indicated on the Website.

9.4.- Energy and water consumption.

The consumption of water and electricity is included, provided that a responsible and reasonable use is made of them. Otherwise, the proportional amount may be claimed from the User.

9.5.- Insurance.

As a general rule, the price of the accommodation does not include the contracting of any insurance.





10.1.- User's responsibility.

The User will be responsible, for himself/herself and for the other occupants of the dwelling, whether or not they have been indicated at the time of formalising the reservation, and jointly and severally, for the amounts owed as well as damages and/or losses caused in the dwelling, considered as a whole, including all the elements that make it up, by way of example and not limitation, furniture, objects, etc., provided that they are not reasonably worn out by the ordinary use of the dwelling and each of the elements that make it up.

It is not permitted to occupy the home by more people than those indicated at the time of formalising the reservation; failure to comply with this obligation may lead to the termination of the contract due to the User's failure to comply, with loss of the amounts paid by way of rent and deposit.


10.2.- Responsibility of PROMANA

PROMANA will not be responsible in any way for any loss and/or damage caused to User and the occupants during the rental period.

PROMANA may modify or cancel any of the essential elements of the rental contract in case of force majeure or fortuitous event.



Both contracting parties must proceed to comply with the obligations assumed in this contract in the terms established throughout it. In the event that either of the parties should fail to comply with any of the essential obligations of this contract, or should fail to comply with them in a defective manner, the party that has in turn complied with its own obligations may consider that there has been a breach of contract under the terms established in Article 1.124 of the Civil Code, being entitled to choose between terminating the contract or demanding compliance, claiming, in both cases, the corresponding compensation for damages.



In accordance with Article 103 letter L of the Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of 16 November, which approves the Revised Text of the General Law for the Defence of Consumers and Users, "The right of withdrawal shall not be applicable to contracts that refer to: The provision of accommodation services for purposes other than that of housing, transport of goods, vehicle rental, food or services related to leisure activities, if the contracts provide for a specific date or period of performance".



PROMANA designates as the address for notification purposes that stipulated in the Legal Notice. The e-mail address provided by User during the registration process will be used by PROMANA for the purpose of making notifications. All notifications made in accordance with the procedure indicated will be considered validly made.



In the event of a dispute between the parties, the territorial jurisdiction will correspond, in an imperative manner, to the Court in which the rented property is located.


This version of the booking conditions is a translation from Spanish to English for information purposes only. In case of discrepancy or confusion, the Spanish language content will always prevail.